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About TUGE

TUGE Technologies (TUGE Technologies Co., Ltd.) is an innovative global cloud communication IoT platform. Based on own core technologies, TUGE Technologies has effectively realized the interconnection and intercommunication of service provider network with various technical systems around the world, providing the most extensive and cost-effective connection services for IOT terminals around the world. Since its founding in 2013, based on the self-developed global cloud communication platform, software and hardware scheme, TUGE Technologies can provide one-stop, safe, reliable and cost-effective 3G/4G/5G connection management and operation services for all kinds of IOT scenarios and terminals entering the global market. It is committed to building the IOT industry chain of cloud communication in the 5G + AI era, making the global connection easy.

Located in Lin-gang Special Area of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, TUGE Technologies is a nationally high-tech enterprise and is developing rapidly in global market. Until now, TUGE has set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hefei, Beijing, Chengdu and Nanjing, and will set up branches in North America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia in the next two years to seize the global market quickly and serve the global customers.

About TUGE

Benchmarking Jasper, the leader of the global IOT platforms,TUGE has built a global IOT platform based on Cloud-SIM technology, compatible with SoftSIM and eSIM virtual card technologies. TUGE  provides services of plug-and-play, connection as a service and global connectivity on demand, reduing the global communication cost by more than 50%. TUGE has solved some long standing problems of traditional IOT platform, such as the 'connection fragmentation', 'high connection cost', 'complex integration solution' and 'not easy to push globalization and large scale', thus making it possible for a variety of terminals to achieve efficient connection globally through the software API and IOT module based on Cloud-SIM. 

As an advanced and strengthened technology enterprise serving for global smart connection, TUGE Technologies persists in the sustainable innovation in global application scenarios and continues to strengthen R & D investment, to build core competitiveness. TUGE cooperates with major chipset platform providers such as Qualcomm, MTK and Spreadtrum, and major AI platform providers such as Baidu, Ali, Google and Microsoft, providing integrated IOT solutions with hardware and software for commercial retails, logistics and transportation, industrial inspection and other scenarios. It also provides integrated services of 'AIoT solution + global communication + operation service', to help partners to go abroad and expand their businesses globally .

TUGE Technologies is a global enterprise based in China. TUGE Technologies actively implements the global layout of network resources, intellectual property rights, business implementation, providing connectivity and operation services for the globalized IoT products and scenes, to help people and things go to the world. TUGE has cooperated with over 100 operators in the world, with the network coverage of 130 + countries and regions. A number of intellectual property rights have been carried out successfully in China, the United States, Japan and Europe, which highlights significant competitive advantages of TUGE in global services. Today, TUGE Technologies has carried out business in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Facing the future, relying on the rich experience in globally intelligent connection service, embracing customer demands to continue to innovate, TUGE Technologies will work together with global partners to build a global cloud communication industry chain for the Internet of everything, contributing to the global development of 5G + AI. 

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