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Global cloud communication platform of TUGE

The open global operation platform aggregates global connection resources 

Solution and value-added service
Cross-border travel IoT/Internet of Vehicles Other travels
The operation and management platform BOSS Saas
Traffic bank Connection quality User management Order management Billing and traffic statistics Safety access Data analysis
Big data and AI empowerment layer DPI and AI Enabler
User profile Data warehouse Training bank of in-depth learning model Integration platform of AI application algorithm
Access layer of global cloud communication SIM Bank Cloud and Devices
Gathering of global 3G/4G/5G network Infield access technology Connection management Edge computing Data collection
Aggregation of global communication resources
Aggregation of AI technology
Connection aggregation
Scenario-based deployment
Data aggregation
100+network operators
Global AI head company

Spreadtrum + Qualcomm +MTK

Multiple AP/SOC

intelligent hardware

MiFi/wearing device

Smart translator

Terminal of face recognition

AI camera


Commercial retail

Logistics transportation

Industrial detection

Internet of Vehicles

Big data

Big data of global network

The 5G AI IoT platform facing the future 

  • Connection is service
    Connection is service

    Each terminal may connect the network of any operator 

    worldwide without depending on the coverage and 

    resources of individual operator 

  • Connect all the operators worldwide
    Connect all the operators worldwide

    Realize the cross-border and cross-operator interconnection,

    and realize the free connection of global 3G/4G/5G network 

  • Reduce the communication cost by 50% and even more
    Reduce the communication cost by 50% and even more

    Efficiently operate communication resources of countries 

    and provide the cost-effective connection for various traffic 

    demands in the world

  • Rapid business implementation, one-stop integration of connection + operation
    Rapid business implementation, one-stop integration of connection + operation

    In-depth integration of AI + connection ability, standardization 

    of global communication ability. IoT terminal may get the ability

    of one-stop AIoT by calling API of TGT 

Globalized open IoT connection and operation platform 

  • Communication software, global network interconnection

    The patent cloud communication technology gathers three virtual card technologies, namely Cloud SIM, Soft SIM and eSIM in an innovative way, so that connection does not depend on SIM card and it is interconnected with global operators. 

  • One-stop global connection

    The platform covers the network resources of 130+ countries and regions, supports resource sharing among operators, and provides the wide-coverage and high-quality communication resources, thus reducing the traffic cost by over 50%. 

  • Open operation ability

    The self-owned R&D team finishes the terminal-to-terminal development of global cloud communication protocol, algorithm, system and cloud platform, and masters the total intellectual property. It has served tens of millions of connections per year, and supports smooth expansion and global deployment. 

  • Turn the platform ability API, thus realizing plug and play

    Chips of the cloud channel device realize integration innovation and global communication resources are standardized. The high-quality global connection ability of the one-stop call platform of various terminals does not need adjustment and test in different places without worrying about operation. Different places in the world rapidly deploy businesses.

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