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20 Business operations in 20 countries and regions

170 Traffic resources cover 170 countries and regions worldwide

986 User footprints in 986 cities worldwide

TUGE Technologies is the world's leading innovative AloT and big data platform. Since establishment in July 2013, has built a global network of mobile communication technologies with independent innovation, providing cost-effective, high-reliab, intelligent and innovative connectivity and value-added services to people and things around the world, and are committed to building a smart world of Internet of thing. TUGE Technologies actively promotes the global layout. It has already reached the rapid growth in many countries and regions around the world, and has formed a smart product and operation service system based on China and radiating the world.
CLOUD PLATFORM Global cross-operator communications platform
An IoT platform for future 5G+AI
With innovative SIM technology as the core, compatible with SoftSIM and eSIM virtual card technology, TUGE Technologies builds a globalized IoT platform, providing "plug-and-play, plug-and-play" and "connection-as-a-service, on-demand subscription global connectivity" capabilities, reducing global communication costs by over more.
SMART DEVICES Smart Products
The world's  first intelligent WiFi translator, jointly produced by TUGE Technologies and Baidu, combines TUGE 's independent intellectual property rights global cloud communication and Baidu AI translation two 'black technology',  with 'bring your own traffic' and 'one key translation' two highlights become the new benchmark of intelligent translation machine industry.

Baidu AI translation

Automatic recognition of languages

Self-equipped global traffic

Shared WiFi With multiple people

Intelligent solutions
Duoge Technology actively promotes the global cloud communication + AIoT strategy, and continues to empower smart tourism, smart car alliances and smart cities, and cooperates with global partners to provide users with one-stop solutions and value-added services for global communication connections.


Globalized layout, business is rapidly landing in multiple countries and regions


Open global communication and big data capabilities, multi-industry integration value sharing

Continuous innovation

independent innovation technology, continuous innovation continues to lead
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