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Baidu WiFi Translator (T4)

Solving problems of 'internet-surfing+ communication' of outbound tourism

Baidu  WiFi Translator      (T4)
Baidu AI Translation:High-speed precision

Based on Baidu's customized core voice recognition synthesis, 

neural network translation (NMT) system and other AI technologies,

fast and accurate translation is realized through deep learning algorithm.

The accuracy of chinese-english translation is up to 97%, which can reach the level of CET-6.

Baidu AI Translation:High-speed precision
Automatic recognition of languages:OneClick

If you really understand what you are saying, you can automatically recognize the language 

in the mode of translation between Chinese and English, Chinese and Japanese.

Press and hold to speak, release the translation, a key 'fool' operation, 

can change the traditional translation machine AB key switch cumbersome mode.

Automatic recognition of languages:OneClick
WiFi hotspot sharing Without a SIM card Built-in Internet access

Portable WiFi + intelligent translation, one machine dual-use, 

easy to solve outbound travel 'Internet' and 'communication' two major problems.

Can support up to 5 devices such as mobile phones, computers and 

other access at the same time, high-speed Internet access, free sharing.

WiFi hotspot sharing  Without a SIM card  Built-in Internet access
Self-equipped global traffic:Real-time online

Integrated TUGE global Cloud communication Cloud SIM proprietary technology, 

with 60+ countries mobile traffic.Without SIM card, 

you can connect to the Internet automatically when you start up. 

The local 4G network is preferred, so that you can communicate with the world easily.

Self-equipped global traffic:Real-time online
High capacity battery Long lasting life

Ergonomic design, delicate and portable, comfortable feel;

Dual microphones active noise reduction, voice more clear.

4000mAh large-capacity battery, 12H lasting life, 

24H professional customer service,

APP device management, bringing excellent experience.

High capacity battery  Long lasting life
Enrich application scenarios Unlimited communication

Baidu Shared WiFi translator to accompany you to the world, regardless of outbound travel, 

business exchanges, or foreign language learning, holiday gifts and other all done!

Rich application scenarios, overseas travel, accommodation, travel and shopping all cover, 

do not know a foreign language can also talk freely, bring more intelligent experience.

Enrich application scenarios  Unlimited communication

Baidu Shared WiFi translator (T4)

Baidu Shared WiFi translator (T4)

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