TUGE Technologies becomes the first partner of Baidu AI



On May 29th, 2019, the 'Baidu brain ecological cooperation plan and AI Market Conference' was held in Shenzhen. At the conference, Yu Youping, general manager of Baidu AI Ecology Department, solemnly announced that TUGE technology has become the 'partner' of Baidu brain with its continuous innovation ability and strong AI landing ability. 

TUGE technology becomes the first

 'Baidu brain partner is the key role to promote the landing of AI', which is very important for Baidu brain. With its outstanding performance, TUGE technologies has become the only 'partner' standing at the top of the pyramid of Baidu brain ecological cooperation system in the tourism field, highly praised by Baidu brain business department.

TUGE technology becomes the first

At present, in addition to Baidu Shared WiFi Translator, TUGE and Baidu brain have jointly launched the world's first AI Sightseeing Bus, and TUGE technology has been upgraded to an aiot solution and value-added service platform in the tourism industry.