TUGE's Global Tracking Solution Wins "IOTE 2022 Gold Award for Innovation"



Recently, the much-anticipated 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition "IOTE 2022 Gold Innovative Product" award was announced, and the open global cloud communication mobile Internet of Things (AIoT) platform - TUGE Technologies's global goods tracking solution, with outstanding technological innovation, excellent commercial application ability, won the award from the fierce competition. With the outstanding technical innovation ability and excellent commercial application ability, it stood out from the fierce competition and won the "IOTE 2022 Gold Innovative Product" award.

TUGE's Global Tracking Solution Wins

‍This is after 2021, TUGE Technologies again won the "IOTE Gold Award" award. Winning awards fully demonstrates Touge's strength in the field of global Internet of Things (IOT), continuous innovation, and global development.

TUGE Global Cargo Tracking Solution, One-stop End-to-End Solution


To address the pain points of global cargo transport by sea and land, Touge independently developed and launched an industry-leading global cargo tracking solution, which provides one-stop end-to-end visualisation and intelligent services for cross-border cargo transport. Through the programme, cargo owners can grasp real-time information about the location of the goods transported, and keep abreast of the goods, ports, customs and other information, so as to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.


For global cargo shipping enterprises, the programme has 4 unique advantages:


Global coverage, real-time positioning

Equipped with Toupigeon locator, relying on the global cloud communication platform, the network covers 200+ countries and regions around the world, you can grasp the current location information of the goods in real time, so as to judge the speed of transport, transport routes and so on.


Sea and land transport, status can be known

The system is connected to more than 40 shipping companies, more than 1,800 terminals around the world, and customs data , so you can know the status of each node of the goods, such as whether the goods are loaded on board, whether they are cleared in time, whether they are picked up, and whether they are expected to arrive at their destinations, so as to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.


Data Visualisation, Intelligent Management

Through the visual management platform, you can view the real-time box dynamics, control the cargo transport path, easily arrange the production and transport plan, provide customers with timely and accurate feedback, and more intelligent management.


Early warning, risk control

Adopting the leading electronic fence early warning, intelligent prediction and early warning are realised to enhance the security of cargo transportation, reduce the risk of theft and cargo damage, ensure the safe and on-time delivery of cargo, and greatly enhance the customer experience.

TUGE's Global Tracking Solution Wins