Awarded by HSBC “Honorable Corporation”



On October 22, the global leader in cloud communications, TUGE Technologies, won the honor of 'Honorable corporation  in the 2019 HSBC Pioneer Program by virtue of its in-depth exploration and technological innovation in the '5G + AI' field. HSBC's award reflects the rapid growth of TUGE's global business and the high recognition of TUGE credit from world-class financial institutions.

Mr. Henry Zhang, founder, chairman and CEO of TUGE Technologies said: As an enterprise working closely with HSBC, we are delighted to receive this award and are grateful to HSBC for its recognition and support to TUGE Technologies. In the process of globalization, TUGE continues to expand the technological and business boundaries, open platform capability to promote convergence and innovation. In the future, we look forward to working with HSBC in more areas and at a higher level to drive the global development of intelligent communication.

Wining the honor of  

As a low-key innovative technology company, why is TUGE Technologies favored by the government, industry and world-class financial institutions? What makes it stand out from the multitude of tech companies? We have found three key words from the development of TUGE, which arouse capital concern and are relevant to the fixed credit granting: 'Global Layout', 'Independent Innovation Core Technology', '5G + AI Fusion Innovation'.

It is understood that TUGE Technologies (TUGE Technologies Co., Ltd.) is the world's leading innovative AIoT and big data platform, possessing Cloud SIM technology and eSIM technology integrated with independent intellectual property rights, supporting the global 3G/4G and 5G, providing intelligent connectivity for the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things.


Since the establishment of the company, globalization is the key of the development path of the TUGE Adhering to the concept of 'globalization, professionalism and continuous innovation', we will focus on cross-border scenarios, work harder in the global cloud communications field and actively promote the global layout. Today, TUGE network covers 130 + countries and regions around the world, implementing business in 17 + countries and regions around the world, serving millions of people every year. The platform has accumulated tens of millions of high-ticket groups, attracting attention from all walks of life.


Adhering to independent innovation and mastering the core technology is undoubtedly the driving force for the sustainable and high-speed development of the TUGE. Through the combination of Cloud SIM technology and eSIM technology with independent intellectual property rights, TUGE completely eliminates the high cost of global roaming and the difficulty of cross-border network connection, and provides a one-stop solution for global communication connection for mobile Internet and Internet of Things. In the development, TUGE deeply integrates communication and AI technology, and upgrades global cloud communication IoT platform to AIoT and big data platform through end-to-end system-level research and development, covering cloud, channel and device: global cloud communication PaaS platform, big data and AI enablement platform, smart hardware and IoT solutions.


5G brings infinite connectivity and AI brings infinite wisdom. '5G + AI' will restructure the global science and technology industry structure and business structure. As the global cloud communication AIoT and big data platform, TUGE has long started the evolution towards '5G + AI', and build an enabling platform with all-round innovation of cloud pipe end, which is committed to promote the integration innovation of '5G + AI', the commercialization of technology landing and global application. Supported by the '5G + AI' technology, TUGE users will have lower cost, higher quality seamless connection and a full intelligent experience: faster global Internet access, faster video downloads, real-time intelligent translation, location-based intelligent services...


Looking to the future, TUGE will continue to increase investment in research and development, using innovative technologies to drive future development. On the basis of '5G + AI' new fission for velocity energy, the two core values of 'Global Communication Network Big Data' and 'Massive Targeted User Traffic' converged on the open platform of TUGE will be further highlighted, and the future development is full of infinite possibilities.