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Terms of service

 Please read the following terms carefully before using this website. If you do not agree with the terms of service or the modification made by TUGE Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Tuge technologies') network, you can take the initiative to cancel the service provided by Tuge technologies network; Once you use the services provided by Tuge technologies network, you shall be deemed to have understood and fully agreed to the contents of the terms of service, including any modifications made by Tuge technologies network to the terms of service, and become a user of Tuge technologies network (hereinafter referred to as 'user').


1.Copyright ownership

Tuge technologies independently owns the copyright of all materials in the relevant web pages of Tuge technologies, or jointly owns the copyright of the materials in the web pages with the data providers in the relevant web pages of Tuge technologies. Without the express written permission of Tuge technologies, no one shall copy or mirror any content on the Internet of Tuge technologies.


2. Disclaimer

(1)The information published on this website may not contain the latest information related to Tuge technologies and its business. For the information published on this website, the company does not declare or guarantee the correctness or integrity of its content; The company also assumes no responsibility for quality assurance of any products, information or services purchased or obtained by users through advertisements, information or offers of services on this website.


(2)Tuge technologies does not provide any express or implied guarantee or guarantee for the services provided by this website, including but not limited to commercial marketability, applicability for specific purposes and non infringement of the rights of others.


(3)The user clearly understands and agrees that for the following reasons, including but not limited to the loss of profit, reputation, application, data or other intangible losses, Tuge technologies will not bear any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive liability (even if Tuge technologies has been informed of the possibility of such compensation in advance):

a. The use or inability to use the services provided by this website;

b. Costs incurred in replacing any goods, data, information, services purchased or obtained through the services of this website, or transactions concluded;

c. Your transmission or data has been accessed or tampered with without authorization;

d. Statements or actions made by any third party in the service;

e. Other matters related to the service, except those expressly stipulated in the terms of service.


(4) The views expressed or implied in the relevant articles and materials reproduced on this website do not represent the views of Tuge technologies.


(5) If the information provided by this website will violate the laws or regulations of a certain region when used or distributed in that region, the information of this website shall not be used or distributed in that region.


(6) This website follows the principle of mutual benefit for content cooperation. The reproduced information has been approved orally or in writing by the copyright owner. If there is any omission, please contact us and provide corresponding supporting materials.



3. Privacy protection


(1)Users can access our website and obtain information under the condition of anonymity. Before this website requests users to provide relevant information, this website will explain the purpose of this information. Some services can only be provided after users register. Under normal circumstances, this kind of registration only requires the user to provide an e-mail address and some basic information such as the user's work and position. Sometimes the website will ask users to provide more information. This is to make the website better understand users' needs, so as to provide users with more effective services. Users have the right to decide not to accept any information from us at any time.


(2) Registration obligations of users if users want to use the services that can only e provided after registration of this website, they should agree to the following matters: provide your own true, correct, up-to-date and complete information according to the tips of this service registration form, and update the registration information at any time to ensure that it is true, correct, up-to-date and complete. If you provide any wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading information, or if the website has reason to suspect that the above information is wrong, untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading, the website has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse you to use all or any part of the services provided by the website now and in the future.


(3) The website will take reasonable security measures to protect the personal information stored by users. Unless in accordance with the law or the mandatory provisions of the government, the website will not provide any personal information of users to any irrelevant third party (including companies or individuals) without the permission of users.


(4) Users should understand that this website may disclose personal data as required by law, or believe in good faith that such practice is necessary for the following:

a. Comply with legal notices or legal procedures applicable to Tuge technologies network;

b. protect the rights or property of users of this website;

c. in case of emergency, in order to protect the personal or public safety of the website and its users.


4. Predictive statements


The information published on this website may contain some predictive statements. These statements are inherently risky and uncertain. The purpose of the predictive statements about Tuge technologies and related businesses published on this website is to indicate that they are predictive statements. The company does not intend to update these predictive statements continuously. These forward-looking statements reflect the company's current view of future events and are not guarantees of future business performance.



5. Intellectual property

The domain names, trademarks, words, video and sound contents, graphics and images contained in this website are protected by relevant trademarks and copyrights. No enterprise or individual may copy or transmit in any form without the prior written explicit permission of Tuge technologies.