Our Developments

Entering the fast track for global patent authorization, TUGE Technologies research and innovation is accelerating.

TUGE Technologies's globalization strategy is speeding up through empowering AIoT devices abroad with global IoT connectivity.


TUGE Technologies is awarded 'China High-tech Enterprise Certification'.

HSBC awarded TUGE Technologies as  'Asia Honorable Enterprise' TUGE AIoT business launched in 12 countries globally.

TUGE was invited to participate in 2019 International Industrial Intelligence Conference, its AI innovations were recognized by the industry.

TUGE launched Smart City solutions in Shanghai with Qiangsheng Group.

TUGE global cloud communications platform won 'Best Industrial IoT Solution'.

TUGE released Big Data report for Global Outbound Tourists for the fourth consecutive year, which became the industry wind vane for cross-border travel industry.

TUGE launched Smart City solutions in Shanghai with Qiangsheng Group.

Baidu formally announced that TUGE is the first strategic partner of Baidu AI Brain.


TUGE cloud platform covers more than 100 countries and regions.

TUGE is invited to attend Baidu World Conference, and Baidu  WiFi translator (TUGE T4) was officially commercialized worldwide.

TUGE launched AIoT strategy and released the world's first Cloud SIM AIoT module.

TUGE is strategically cooperated with Royal Caribbean Cruises to boost the smart upgrade of the cruise industry.

TUGE and Baidu and Barcelona Tourism Bureau announced 'AI+Tourism' solutions in Spain.

TUGE device T3 was massively commercialized in China, Vietnam and Singapore.

TUGE and Baidu declared an exclusive cooperation 'Cloud Communications + AI Translation' to jointly develop the world's first cloud communication translator.

TUGE released the world first WiFi translator prototype after six months R&D and successfully unveiled at the Japan World Translation Conference.

TUGE Technologies formally launched the world first Cloud SIM smartphone in the China Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


The TUGE cloud communication system was officially commercialized in a cross-border tourism scene, covering internet in 40 countries and regions. 

TUGE cloud SIM device T2 was commercially released in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Canada.

TUGE T2 was credited with the '2016 China Travel Industry List's Most Popular Outbound WiFi' Award. 

The number of its single-year service users exceeded 1 million.


TUGE finished R&D for end-to-end cloud communication system and commercially launched.

The first global cloud communications mobile terminal (TUGE T2) finished tests in 40 countries around the world and ready for commercial release.


The Global Cloud SIM protocol stack was connected to the 3GPP 3G and 4G protocols. 

Its global cloud communication prototype (TUGE T1) was tested and verified in China, Japan and the United States.


TUGE Technologies was founded in Shenzhen,China.