Inspur Group and TUGE Technologies Enter Strategic Cooperation to Promote Globalisation of Intellig



Inspur Group is a leading cloud computing and big data service provider with three listed companies, namely Inspur Information, Inspur Software and Inspur International, whose main business involves cloud computing, big data, industrial Internet, new-generation communications and several application scenarios, and which has provided IT products and services to more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

Inspur Group and TUGE Technologies  Enter Strategic Cooperation to Promote Globalisation of Intellig

Inspur Intelligent Terminal, a subsidiary of Wave Group, focuses on the development of the intelligent terminal industry and always walks in the forefront of the intelligent industry. Through continuous technological innovation, it creates industry-specific intelligent terminals such as ultra-high-definition interactive display terminals, intelligent service terminals, intelligent family terminals, intelligent perception terminals, intelligent medical terminals and so on, and provides a series of professional solutions for the industries of finance, medical care, government affairs, broadcasting and telecommunication, home, robotics and digital countryside, and continues to lead the intelligent terminal industry. We provide a series of professional solutions for industries such as finance, healthcare, government, broadcasting, home, robotics, digital village, etc., and continue to lead the development of intelligent terminal industry. Its business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world, including Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and Argentina.

Inspur Group and TUGE Technologies  Enter Strategic Cooperation to Promote Globalisation of Intellig


Inspur Group and TUGE Technologies reach strategic cooperation to jointly promote the globalisation of the smart industry.

It is worth mentioning that the intelligent robots independently researched and developed by Inspur Group have made breakthroughs in key core technologies in the field of robotics, such as intelligent robot operating system, robot core controller and control algorithms, positioning and navigation, intelligent interaction, industrial vision, etc., and have won a number of national awards and hundreds of research and development patents; and a series of robotic products and robotics-related solutions created by Inspur Group have been used in a number of data rooms, intelligent parks, intelligent hospitals, intelligent colleges and universities, and other fields. The series of robot products and robot-related solutions have been applied and highly praised in many data rooms, smart parks, smart hospitals, smart colleges and other fields across the country.


The signing of this contract, Inspur Group chose TUGE Technologies as a global strategic partner, which is a high recognition of TUGE's global resources and technological innovation ability, and also a new opportunity for the development of both sides. According to the agreement, TUGE Technologies will take Inspur Robotics and Industrial IOT solutions as the entry point, provide global communication and global IOT support for Inspur Group, and help the global commercial landing of Wave Intelligent Terminal products.

About Inspur Intelligent Terminal

Inspur Intelligent Terminal Co., Ltd. is one of the key industrial units of Inspur Group, focusing on the field of intelligent terminals, adhering to the high-quality service-oriented, professional technical service capabilities as the support, driven by a systematic management model, and its business covers the five terminal fields of Ultra-high-definition Interactive Display Terminal, Intelligent Service Terminal, Intelligent Perception Terminal, Intelligent Family Terminal, and Intelligent Medical Terminal.