Internet Week: Top 100 AIoT Companies of 2021 -- TUGE Technologies



Driven by 5G, big data and other technologies, the global AIoT industry is experiencing explosive growth, and AIoT has become the best channel for the intelligent upgrading of major traditional industries, as well as the golden track for future development. As an innovative global cloud communication AIoT platform, TUGE Technologies is committed to the global cloud communication one-stop solution and key technology research and development, and has become a pioneer enterprise in the cloud communication AIoT vertical field.


TUGE was selected as one of Internet Week's 

“2021 AIoT Enterprise Development Power TOP100”


Recently, “2021 China's Top 100 AIoT Enterprises List” was released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Internet Weekly in conjunction with the eNet Research Institute. The list focuses on the combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), and is based on the index of the actual action power of the enterprises in AIoT, and is based on the authoritative, objective and impartial The list focuses on the combination of AI and IoT and takes the index of enterprises' actual mobility in AIoT as the benchmark, and is based on authoritative, objective and fair monitoring data, and is considered in terms of the dimensions of technological leadership, commercial innovation, and platform service.


With its outstanding performance and innovative achievements, TUGE Technologies has been shortlisted in this list together with Huawei, Xiaomi and other famous companies, which is highly recognized by the industry and also a kind of incentive for TUGE Technologies. 

Internet Week: Top 100 AIoT Companies of 2021 -- TUGE Technologies


It is worth mentioning that after being selected as one of the “AIoT TOP100” in 2020, TUGE Technologies has been honored to be on the list again, which demonstrates its “innovative strength and competitiveness” and its continuous leadership and accumulation.



Building ecology, 

TUGE Technologies helps AIoT industry transformation and upgrading


In 2021, the fast-growing AIoT industry has transitioned from the period of intelligent single product to the period of ecological platform. As a leader in the AIoT vertical field, TUGE Technologies is committed to becoming an AIoT platform enterprise with global connectivity as its core, centering on the overall strategic layout of “Cloud+Pipe+End”. Through years of independent innovation and technological precipitation, the company has built a global cloud communication IoT platform ecosystem, deeply empowering the AI industry and IoT industry. 

Internet Week: Top 100 AIoT Companies of 2021 -- TUGE Technologies


TUGE platform is a global IoT platform with full-stack technology and solutions, supporting the convergence of NB/2G/3G/4G/5G/satellite communication and other wireless communication technologies, and has aggregated the network resources of more than 200 operators worldwide, with a network covering more than 200 countries and regions, and through intelligent operation, it reduces the cost of traffic by more than 50%. TUGE adopts “software-defined communication” technology to standardize global connectivity and uses standardized API/SDK to connect to various IoT terminals, and now serves more than 15 million connections globally.


Grasping the wind and taking advantage of the momentum, TUGE Technologies has increased the layout of the AIoT gold track, and has continued to break through the advancement of the platform's ability to go deep into the core layer of the industry chain. TUGE open platform protocol standards and interfaces, with the combination of PaaS + SaaS, to provide large-scale communication connection management services, so as to integrate the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, to help customers realize the intelligent management and operation of the global terminal equipment, to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and to cooperate for a win-win situation. At present, the industry applications have covered: commercial retail, industrial IOT, automotive networking, intelligent products, logistics and transportation, communication electronics and so on.


Pioneer navigation, steady and far-reaching. TUGE constantly explores scenario-based innovation, researches and develops cloud communication products and software-hardware integration solutions, and joins hands with eco-partners to promote the prosperous development of the AIoT industry.