TUGE Technologies: Turning AI into warm products



On May 29, Baidu Brain Ecological Cooperation Plan and AI Market Conference was held in Shenzhen. TUGE Technologies, as an important ecological partner of Baidu Brain, was invited by Baidu Brain as the 'partner' to show up in the news conference. Mr Henry Zhang, Founder, President and CEO of TUGE Technologies made a theme speech entitled Cooperating with Colleagues to Turn AI into A Warm Product.. He also attended the roundtable forum and shared the AI innovative integration of TUGE Technologies with the industry.

Tuge Technology: Turn AI into a warm product

 Henrg Zhang , Founder, President and CEO of TUGE Technologies was invited to the news conference as the partner of Baidu Brain and make a speech.

Create the warm AI product with users as the center

According to Mr. Henry Zhang Founder, President and CEO of TUGE Technologies, cross-border travel is an important scenario in the business scope of TUGE Technologies. In 2018, over 1 billion people had the cross-border travel, 140 million among whom were from China. Therefore, the global first intelligent WiFi translation machine was born in this context.

It fully starts from users' demands and aims to realize 'internet-surfing' and 'communication' in the cross-border field. It applies two leading technologies, namely Tuge Technology cloud communication and Baidu AI translation, has four core functions that travelers require the most, including global WiFi, speech-to-speech translation, scenic spot guide and intelligent Q&A, thus making global travel deeper and more interesting. In 2018, it realized scaled application worldwide, thus becoming the necessary 'internet-surfing + translation' aid for Chinese tourists in outbound tourism.

Meanwhile, Baidu WiFi translator also reaches the user groups in the integration mode of rental and sales, thus guiding the consumption and upgrade of the translation machine industry. At present, it has over 1.7 million users and realizes over 20 million times of AI interaction. Its users cover 106 countries and regions and it has been used in 682 cities worldwide...


Tuge Technology: Turn AI into a warm product

With WiFi translation as the starting point, it keeps upgrading its worldwide

With WiFi translation as the starting point, TUGE Technologies has upgraded itself as the AIoT solution and value-added service platform of the tourism industry.

Tuge Technology: Turn AI into a warm product


'In AI age, how does the intelligent innovation business rapidly turn from 0 to 1 and even to 10000?' Mr. Henry Zhang expressed his ideas: 'First of all, we will turn global communication ability and translation ability into services. Second, we will focus on user operation, deeply explore users' growing values, and greatly reduce users' cost of using communication technology and AI technology. All in all, the all-round efficiency service and innovation from technology to operation to service is to make user experience better.'