TUGE Technologies Announces Full Upgrade of Global Mobile IoT Platform to 5G



[Shanghai, MWC, June 30, 2023] During the 2023 MWC Shanghai, the leading vSIM IoT solution provider - TUGE Technologies is proud to announce that its global mobile IoT platform has been fully upgraded to 5G, with full access to the 5G network to better support the growing demand for IoT connectivity.

It has been 4 years since the global 5G commercialization, and the chain reaction triggered by 5G, cloud, and AI is continuously creating new industries. After years of independent research and development, TUGE Technologies has upgraded the IoT platform with new technical architecture and capacity expansion through self-developed vSIM technology system, which promotes the platform to be fully upgraded to 5G while being compatible with NB/2G/3G/4G, which is of milestone significance to the industry.


TUGE Technologies Announces Full Upgrade of Global Mobile IoT Platform to 5G


It is understood that TUGE is currently the only mobile IoT (Internet of Things) platform in the industry that provides CloudSIM, softSIM, eSIM, iSIM complete vSIM technology family. Through the telecom-grade end-to-end self-developed communication system, it helps devices realize safe and reliable global deployment. This platform upgrade to 5G is TUGE's deep innovation of “Cloud, Management and End” integration for the future. In the future, with the support of TUGE's IoT platform + 5G, IoT devices will get higher speed, lower latency, and more high-performance globalization connection. 


It is worth mentioning that while TUGE cloud platform is upgraded, the pipe side and end side are also upgraded with 5G innovation simultaneously. At the exhibition, TUGE launched a new generation of 5G vSIM CPE series products which are very eye-catching. This product series is the first in the industry, the first to use TUGE's self-developed vSIM technology, without the need to insert a physical card, through the integration of TUGE's cloud communication embedded software, you can access TUGE's Internet of Things platform, covering the world's 200+ countries and regions of the 5G and 4G high-speed wireless connectivity. It provides global customers with ultra-high-speed broadband experience in multiple scenarios, such as home, office, IoT and traveling.


This year's mobile communications industry event, 2023 MWC, was successfully concluded on June 30, and we look forward to meeting you at the 2024 Mobile World Congress - MWC Shanghai to explore the new future of 5G connectivity for commercial applications.